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Hi there. My name is Andrei Ionuț Mărășoiu and I received a PhD in Philosophy from UVA in 2019. My main projects of late have concerned the nature of understanding and of ’Aha!’ experiences.

About me

I started out in philosophy as the student of a centennial high school who would rather read in the park than learn for his final exams. It stuck with me.

At 16, I attended Centrul de Excelenta in Filosofie, where I now hold lectures and seminars from time to time. I’m happy and grateful to see its students are brighter, more informed, and more open minded than I was nearly 20 years ago.

My alma mater is the University of Bucharest, where I got a BA in Philosophy (2008) and MA in the History and Philosophy of Science (2010). Out of my BA studies grew an affection for logic and critical thinking that afflicts me to this day.

Now I hold an ICUB Fellowship for Young Researchers at the University of Bucharest, with a project on the nature of “Aha!” experiences. I received a PhD from the University of Virginia in 2019, titled “What is it to understand?” Still looking for an answer, but I made some progress with asking the question.

Before that, I received an MA in Neurophilosophy from Georgia State University in 2013. This gained me an interest for the minutiae of conscious experience, and in what light cognitive psychopathology may shed on how experience meets cognitive function and plasticity.

This past year, I have also been a high school instructor in Logic (9th grade) and Philosophy (12th grade), and taught an undergraduate course in Critical Thinking and an MA-level course in Ontology. In my spare time, I play amateur chess, listen to lieds, take long walks, and I sometimes dabble in cooking.